Oahu - West Side Surf Spots

Oahu - West Side surf report and forecast, information and spot guide for surfing in Oahu - West Side.

Makaha 1-2+ ft
Ma'ili 2-3 ft

Oahu - West Side Surfing Information

Surfer's guide to travelling, staying and surfing in Oahu - West Side.

The Hawaiian Islands are the birthplace of surfing. Oahu is a central player in the history of surfing and modern surf culture. Ancient Hawaiian kings and queens surfed the beaches of Waikiki, and surfers from around the world come to its shores to pay homage. Duke Kahanamoku introduced surfing to the world in the 50’s and Oahu continues to produce some of the best surfers in the world.

Oahu has surf spots for every level surfer, year round. Where you surf depends on your skill level and the time of year. It boasts some of the world’s best and most famous breaks. Millions of people have surfed their first waves on the shores of Waikiki Beach and Ala Moana. But nothing compares to the North Shore as far as best places to surf in Hawaii. The North Shore’s nearshore reefs and its location which is open to most any north Pacific storm generates perfection for much of the year. Winter months bring the biggest waves which are unapproachable to average surfers. Spots like Pipeline, Waimea Bay, and Sunset will be packed with the world’s best surfers and tons of onlookers wanting to be a part of the spectacle.