New Jersey Surfing Information

Surfer's guide to travelling, staying and surfing in New Jersey.

New Jersey has mostly peeling beach breaks over 130 miles of coastline and is one of the most popular destinations for ocean seeking vacationers on the East Coast. Waves are good to great and temperatures are decent for its mid Atlantic location. But unfortunately New Jersey may be overlooked by some because of the looming pop culture personas and stereotypes that have made the state famous. Not to say that you won’t see fake tans and big hair, but you’ll also find sleepy coastal towns and dedicated surfers also.

Crowds are typical and very seasonal. During the summers the beaches are packed and the water is warm. But summer surf can be non existent, and limited hours of access to designated areas can be maddening. Dawn patrol can still be small but fun. Fall to winter is the best time to surf the local favorites like, Manasquan Inlet, Poverty Beach, and Sandy Hook at the northern tip of the coast. They are best on long period south to southwest swells and during hurricane season. All year surfers in New Jersey are a dedicated bunch. Winter temperatures fall into the 40’s and full coverage (wetsuit, booties, hood, gloves) are needed to surf in the peak seasons and even into the spring.