Guerrero Surf Spots

Petacalco Petacalco 3-4 ft
Papanoa Papanoa 3-5 ft
Barra de Potosi Barra de Potosi 2-3 ft
Ixtapa Ixtapa 3-5 ft
La Saladita La Saladita 3-4 ft
Las Gatas Las Gatas 2-3 ft
Playa Linda Playa Linda 2-3+ ft
The Ranch The Ranch 3-4+ ft
Trocones Trocones 3-4 ft
Escolleras Escolleras 3-4+ ft
Revolcadero Revolcadero 3-5 ft
Playa Paraiso Playa Paraiso 3-5 ft

Guerrero Surfing

Mexico’s landscape is a mixture of expansive deserts, lush rainforests, and beautiful crystal blue beaches with coasts on the Pacific, Gulf of Mexico, and Caribbean Sea. Mexico is really a surfer’s playground. It has year long warm water, consistently good waves, and every type of break imaginable. Southern Mexico, including Jalisco, Colima, Michoacán, Guerrero, and Oaxaca, is home to some of the most famous breaks in the country, like the crushing beachbreaks at Puerto Escondido. The Pacific side is a 1,500 miles long and features beachbreaks, reef and river mouth spots, and peeling pointbreaks. You can travel on a budget or hit up high end accommodations. South west swells dominate for much of the year and in the winter the north west swells descend upon the region. April to October is the most popular surf season, although there will be surf year round.