Washington Surf Spots

Washington surf report and forecast, information and spot guide for surfing in Washington.

The Dump 2-3+ ft
Fort Ebey 4-5+ ft
Deep Creek -1-+ ft
Crescent 3-4 ft
Elwha 2-4 ft
La Push 3-4 ft
The Cape 2-3+ ft
The Groins 1-2+ ft
Westport 2-4 ft
Long Beach 3-4+ ft

Washington Surfing Information

Surfer's guide to travelling, staying and surfing in Washington.

The Pacific Northwest is a mecca for nature lovers. The evergreen forests, mountainous terrain, and the wind worn coast aren’t usually synonymous with surfing. But there is a thriving community of surfers and an increase in newbies taking on the sport. Washington’s coast is a huge expanse of mostly beachbreak, so if you want to surf alone, you can. Even if you aren’t seeking solitude, often times you will be surfing alone.

Spring to fall is the best time for surf. Winter can get nasty and out of control. Surfing conditions are tough. Water temperatures can drop to mid 40’s. That means full suits, gloves, booties, and hoods. The abundance of interesting wildlife means a lot of sharks and whales. Washington’s most popular surf spots are namely, Westport,Long Beach,and La Push. Here you’ll find dedicated local surfers and cold water seekers looking for that unique Pacific Northwest experience.