Guatemala Surf Spots

Guatemala surf report and forecast, information and spot guide for surfing in Guatemala.

Ocos 4-6+ ft
Tilapa 4-6+ ft
Champerico 4-6+ ft
Tulate 4-6+ ft
Tecojate 4-6 ft
Iztapa 4-6 ft
Sipacate 4-6 ft
Chulamar 4-6 ft
Hawaii 4-6 ft

Guatemala Surfing Information

Surfer's guide to travelling, staying and surfing in Guatemala.

Guatemala is a small Central American country that tends to be overshadowed by its surf heavy neighbors like Costa Rica, Mexico, and El Salvador. Although a somewhat obscure surf destination, Guatemala is a magical place, that has one foot in the ancient world. It is filled with rainforests, ancient Mayan cities, colonial architecture and active volcanoes. This mountainous country has a surprisingly sandy (not rocky) coastline. Sporting mostly beachbreaks on black-sand beaches, like El Paredon, or river mouth spots, like Iztapa, down a long stretch of Pacific coast.

Guatemala has consistently fun surf, maybe not the best in Central America, but the lack of crowds and rustic charm is starting to draw travelers and surfers from around the world. The downside to the slow paced nature of the coast, is there aren’t good coastal roads making travel between breaks more difficult. There are long drives between spots, but there are no crowds once you arrive. The peak surf season is March to October during the rainy season.