Montery County Surf Spots

Moss Landing Moss Landing 5-7 ft
Lover's Point Lover's Point 3-4 ft
Carmel Beach Carmel Beach 4-5+ ft
Big Sur Rivermouth Big Sur Rivermouth 3-4+ ft
Sand Dollar Beach Sand Dollar Beach 4-6+ ft

Montery County Surfing

The region around Monterey Bay is a beautiful rocky coastline marking the shift toward northern California terrain with breathtaking scenery of rocks, ocean, trees, and soft sand beaches. Beyond the beauty, the area sports year round accessible surf spots for beginner to expert level surfers. With easy rolling point breaks, wedgy swells and both left and right peaks, the Monterey Bay coastline is a popular destination for surfing. Lovers Point and Big Sur Rivermouth are some of the most popular local spots in the region and are best during the fall to winter months. The rocky coves and notches are home to a huge seal population so surfers share the water with more sharks in the water than in other areas of California. There is a die hard local community that waits out the summer, respects the ocean life, and is rewarded by great surf in enchanting surroundings.