El Salvador Surf Spots

Negrei Negrei 4-6+ ft
Cristo de Salinitas Cristo de Salinitas 5-7 ft
Mizata Mizata 4-7 ft
K-59 and K-61 K-59 and K-61 3-5 ft
Sunzal Sunzal 5-7 ft
La Bocana La Bocana 5-7 ft
Playa Conchalio Playa Conchalio 5-7 ft
Punta Roca Punta Roca 5-7 ft
La Paz La Paz 4-6+ ft
El Muelle (The Pier) El Muelle (The Pier) 5-7 ft
Playa San Diego Playa San Diego 5-7 ft
El Pimental El Pimental 5-7 ft
Punta Mango Punta Mango 4-5+ ft
Toro de Oro Toro de Oro 4-5 ft
Las Flores Las Flores 3-5 ft
El Cuco El Cuco 4-6 ft
El Espino El Espino 4-6 ft
El Palmarcito El Palmarcito 5-7 ft
El Zonte El Zonte 4-7 ft
La Ventana La Ventana 4-6 ft
Las Tunas Las Tunas 4-6 ft
Los Cobanos Los Cobanos 4-5+ ft
Lucky Man's Lucky Man's 3-5 ft

El Salvador Surfing

El Salvador is a small Central American country with hundreds of dead south facing coastline. It’s a less traveled surf destination for the region but it’s point break paradise to those up for the adventure. Punta Roca is the hot spot 25 miles from the capital, San Salvador. The crowds are all relative, but there are a variety of other spots in the area, like La Paz and La Bocana, and endless quiet breaks if you are prepared to look. There are a lot of rocky points, so you won’t need a wetsuit, but booties may be nice.

The rainy season start in May to October. It rains daily, mostly afternoon storms but the rain can be intense and travel can become difficult. Water temperature isn’t affected too much by the season and hovers in the 70’s to 80’s for most of the year. During the summer the biggest swells are coming from the south. The entire coast lays direct south facing and will get hammered by a good storm swell. Some of the breaks in this area are said to handle some of the largest swells in Central America. Winter is the dry season. Offshore winds can be nice but surf is more fickle and smaller this time of year. Come spring, before the rain starts there is a nice window of perfect weather and first signs of the south swells.