Massachusetts Surf Spots

Long Beach Long Beach 1-2+ ft
Good Harbor Beach Good Harbor Beach 1-2+ ft
Egypt Beach Egypt Beach 1+ ft
Nantasket Beach Nantasket Beach 1+ ft
Nauset Beach Nauset Beach 1+ ft
Coast Guard Beach Coast Guard Beach 1+ ft
Cape Cod Cape Cod 1+ ft
Ballston Beach Ballston Beach 1+ ft
Deveraux Beach Deveraux Beach 1-2 ft
Rexhame Rexhame 1+ ft
Madaket Madaket 2-3+ ft
Martha's Vineyard Martha's Vineyard 2-3 ft

Massachusetts Surfing

Massachusetts is the New England state known for its rich colonial history, Harvard, and the Red Sox. It is the most populated state by far and has a nice swell window, but the line-ups are relatively quite. Although there are surf spots near Boston, the most center of the surf scene is in the southern coast toward Cape Cod. Martha’s Vineyard is wide open to a direct south swell, but access is limited since there private properties and no parking. In Mass it’s all about shifting sandbars so break locations will change. Summer is relatively flat and the water is still cold enough to get suited up. Fall to winter is the best season to surf as is all of New England. Especially on a big Nor’easter storm.