Northern Baja Surf Spots

San Antonio Del Mar North (Tijuana) San Antonio Del Mar North (Tijuana) 1-2 ft
Baja Malibu Baja Malibu 1-2 ft
Marisol North Point Marisol North Point 1-2 ft
Marisol Marisol 1-2 ft
Rosarito Rosarito 1-2+ ft
Renes Renes 1-2+ ft
Alfonsos Alfonsos 1-2+ ft
Popotla Popotla 1-2 ft
Calafia Calafia 1-2 ft
El Morro Point / K372 1/2 El Morro Point / K372 1/2 1-2 ft
K-38 K-38 1-2 ft
K-40 K-40 1-2 ft
Rancho Santini Rancho Santini 1-2+ ft
Las Gaviotas Las Gaviotas 1-2+ ft
Ensenada Beaches Ensenada Beaches 1-2 ft
Cannery Stacks Cannery Stacks 1-2 ft
Alisitos Alisitos 1-2+ ft
La Fonda/ K-58 La Fonda/ K-58 1-2+ ft
La Mision La Mision 1-2+ ft
La Salina La Salina 1-2 ft
El Paso El Paso 1-2+ ft
San Miguel San Miguel 1-2 ft
3Ms 3Ms 1-2+ ft
Salsipuedes Salsipuedes 1-2 ft
Mirador Viewpoint Mirador Viewpoint 1-2 ft
Campo Lopez / K-55 Campo Lopez / K-55 1-2+ ft
K-55 1/2 K-55 1/2 1-2+ ft
Primo Tapia Primo Tapia 1-2+ ft
Rauls Rauls 1-2+ ft
Cantamar Settlement Cantamar Settlement 1-2+ ft
Dunes Dunes 1-2+ ft
Halfway House Halfway House 1-2+ ft
California Trailer Park California Trailer Park 1-2 ft
Todos Santos Todos Santos 1-2 ft
Boca De Santo Tomas Boca De Santo Tomas 2-3 ft
Punta San Jose ( Lighthouse ) Punta San Jose ( Lighthouse ) 1+ ft
Cabo Colonet Cabo Colonet 2-3 ft
San Antonio Del Mar South (Colonet) San Antonio Del Mar South (Colonet) 2-3 ft
Punta San Jacinto / Shipwrecks Punta San Jacinto / Shipwrecks 2-3 ft
Puntas Cabras Puntas Cabras 1-2+ ft
K-181 K-181 2-3 ft
Cuatro Casas Cuatro Casas 2-3 ft
Roberts Left Roberts Left 1-2+ ft
Rincon De Baja Rincon De Baja 1-2 ft
Playa San Ramon Playa San Ramon 1-2 ft
Playa Santa Maria Playa Santa Maria 1-2 ft
Cielito Lindo Cielito Lindo 1-2 ft
Camalu Camalu 1+ ft
El Socorro El Socorro 2-3 ft

Northern Baja Surfing

Baja surfing became popular in the 1940’s and has continued to draw surfers and travelers south for fun, adventure, and serenity. The baja landscape is one of rustic desert and sparse mountains that melt into the Pacific. Accounts of amazing right pointbreaks and big wave reef spots continue to attract surfers to explore the convenient spots just across the Mexican border and trek to remote spots down the Baja Peninsula.

Just south of the US/Mexico border, a quick drive from San Diego, you will find easily accessible, above average waves at favorite spots like Baja Malibu, K-38, and Campo Lopez. Developments are popping up in the region but Baja Norte is slow to significant change. Ensenada is a good central point to start exploring. Popular spots like K-40 or Rauls do get crowded, especially on the weekends during a good winter swell.

As you make your way to Central and Southern Baja, the water gets warmer and the terrain gets dustier. At the southern tip is Cabo San Lucas. Cabo is a crowded and expensive party town, and acts as a main hub for good and great spots, like Nine Palms, Zippers, or Monuments, especially in the summer on a southwest swell. Baja has something for everyone, serene blue waters or high octane surf scenes, convenient locations or remote destinations, and everything in between.