San Luis Obispo County Surf Spots

San Luis Obispo County surf report and forecast, information and spot guide for surfing in San Luis Obispo County.

Pico Creek 2-3+ ft
Cambria 3-4+ ft
Morro Bay 3-4+ ft
Oceano 2-4 ft

San Luis Obispo County Surfing Information

Surfer's guide to travelling, staying and surfing in San Luis Obispo County.

San Luis Obispo County is mid way between LA and San Francisco and is known more as a college town than a surf town.The sand dunes line the beaches and there are no traces of the Los Angeles glitz in sight. It is generally a fickle stretch of mostly beach breaks like Pismo, Oceano, and Cambria that can’t handle anything too large or too small. Heading north towards Monterey there will be more nooks and rocky cranny’s that work well when a south swell hits.

SLO has miles and miles of beach breaks with some scattered reef spots. Pismo and Morro Bay are pretty consistent, and you can always find something surfable if you take the time to find it. Water is cold, even in the spring and summer and chilly onshore winds close out spots quickly. Fall will find extreme good and bad days. You may get strong west swells and warmer water or feel the effects of storms from the south that will close down anything in its way. Winter generally shuts down the areas beachbreaks, although a few spots like Morro Bay can hold shape during large swells a few times a year to attract even big wave seekers.