New Hampshire Surf Spots

Rye on the Rocks Rye on the Rocks 1-2 ft
The Wall The Wall 1-2 ft
Seabrook Beach Seabrook Beach 1+ ft

New Hampshire Surfing

Many people don’t even know that New Hampshire has a coastline. There is only 17 miles of the state that is on the coast, mostly beach and point breaks. To surf in New Hampshire is a very unique experience that may involve walking past snow covered rock or beach and paddling out through a slurry of ice. Not to mention the rocks and strong currents. Although, summer weather is pleasant the surf is small and fickle. Summer is great for beginners and teaches the virtue of patience to the more seasoned local crew. Fall hurricane and winter seasons will bring bigger waves. Strong nor'easter storms will bring surfers out of the woodwork to spots like Rye on the Rocks and The Wall.