Sinaloa Surfing

Northern Mexico includes the state of Nayarit and the Free and Sovereign State of Sinaloa. This area is nestled between forested mountains and Pacific Ocean, north of Puerto Vallarta. Sinaloa and Nayarit get hit straight on by south and southwest swells and offering hollow beachbreaks and incredibly long pointbreaks. Water temperatures stay warm for most of the year, winter through spring may require a wetsuit. There are strong rip currents, especially during the rainy season and some spots get really dangerous. The jejeunes and zancudos, the local mosquitos, will try to eat you alive once the sun goes down. The area is easily accessible through Puerto Vallarta and Mazatlan and accommodations are easy to come by. The northern region has smaller surf than Southern Mexico,but it’s a great for the beginner to average surfers not interested in seeking out some of Mexico’s gnarlier surf.

Sinaloa Surf Reports & Forecasts

Dimas Rivermouth Dimas Rivermouth 2-3 ft
Camaron Beach Camaron Beach 2-3 ft
Barron Barron 2-3 ft
Rucos Rucos 3-4 ft
Playa Bruja Playa Bruja 2-3 ft
Stone Island Stone Island 2-3 ft
Los Pinos Los Pinos 1-2+ ft
Marmols Marmols 3-4 ft