Texas / Gulf Coast Surf Spots

Meacom's Pier Meacom's Pier 1-2 ft
Flagship Flagship 1-2 ft
37th Street 37th Street Flat
61st Street 61st Street 1-2 ft
Octagon Octagon 1-2+ ft
Surfside Surfside 1-2 ft
Quintana Quintana 1-2 ft
Matagorda Matagorda 2-3+ ft
Horace Caldwell Pier Horace Caldwell Pier 3-4 ft
Fish Pass Fish Pass 3-4 ft
J.P. Luby Surf Park J.P. Luby Surf Park 2-3 ft
Bob Hall Pier Bob Hall Pier 3-4 ft
Port Mansfield Port Mansfield Flat
South Padre Island South Padre Island 2-3+ ft
Isla Blanca State Park Isla Blanca State Park Flat
Boca Chica Boca Chica Flat

Texas / Gulf Coast Surfing

Most people don’t think of surfing when thinking about Texas. The wide continental shelf and shallow water make the surf inconsistent and mostly mushy. But the Third Coast is a huge coastline of barrier islands, with inlets, piers, and jetties that get an occasional boost from a hurricane swell from the Gulf of Mexico. The Galveston area spots are the most easily accessed from Houston. From there the surf gets better as you head south to spots like Quintana, Matagorda, and South Padre Island. The somewhat remote locations make accessibility an issue. Many beaches permit 4WD vehicles that are helpful for finding off the beaten path surf spots. Finding surf in Texas can be an adventure. Local surfers are dedicated and flexible, looking for surf wherever they can find it, making river and tanker wakesurfing increasingly popular.