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3-4+ ft

NNW @ 6 mph | Tide: 1.8'

Papanoa Surf Report

Friday, July 10, 2020 6:19 AM

Good morning. Overlapping swells from the WSW and SSW are generating 3-4+ ft surf with a dominant wave period of 8 seconds. Wind is moderate and cross/sideshore from the NNW (329) at 6 mph. Mostly clean surface conditions with some light bumpiness. A 0.6' low tide at 1:56 AM swings up to a 1.9' high at 7:56 AM.

Papanoa Tide Chart

low 1:56 AM 0.6'
high 7:56 AM 1.9'
low 1:36 PM 0.8'
high 7:51 PM 2.3'

Papanoa Weather

Air 81° F
Water 77-81° F
Weather Humid and Mostly Cloudy

Long-range Surf Forecast

Papanoa Surf Forecast

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