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3-4 ft

NNE @ 6 mph | Tide: 1.4'

Bahia Surf Report

Thursday, April 2, 2020 8:33 PM

COVID-19: Please adhere to social distancing recommendations, even while surfing. Please check with your local government for latest beach closures and shelter at home guidelines. We're all in this together. Be mindful, stay calm, be kind.

Surf is running 3-4 ft from the S at 13 seconds. Wind is fairly light and cross/sideshore from the NNE (14) at 7 mph. Winds are generally favorable and offering up fairly clean surface conditions with some minor bump and texture. A 2' high tide at 6:31 PM swings down to a 1.1' low at 11:26 PM.

Bahia Tide Chart

high 3:51 AM 2.3'
low 11:41 AM -0.3'
high 6:31 PM 2'
low 11:26 PM 1.1'

Bahia Weather

Air 75.8° F
Water 77-79° F
Weather Clear

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Bahia Surf Forecast

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