Updated 29 minutes ago

1-2 ft

NNW @ 5 mph | Tide: 3.1'

Bahia Tortugas Surf Report

Friday, February 21, 2020 8:22 AM

Good morning. Surf is running 1-2 ft from the WNW at 12 seconds. Wind is fairly light and offshore from the NNW (333) at 4 mph. Winds are generally favorable and offering up fairly clean surface conditions with some minor bump and texture. A recently-passed higher than average 5.1' high tide at 7:21 AM is racing down to a -0.7' low at 2:16 PM. The heavy tide could put a damper on things. Plan accordingly.

Bahia Tortugas Tide Chart

low 1:11 AM 1.4'
high 7:21 AM 5.1'
low 2:16 PM -0.7'
high 8:36 PM 3.5'

Bahia Tortugas Weather

Air 64.4° F
Water 59-64° F
Weather Partly Cloudy

Long-range Surf Forecast

Bahia Tortugas Surf Forecast

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