Surf Journal

The Surf Journal allows you to keep a record of your surf sessions. When you submit your journal entry, DeepSwell automatically generates a snapshot of the ocean, wind and tide conditions at the time of your session, then saves this data along with your own observations and notes. This can be useful if you are interested in what combination of swells, direction, period, wind and tide conditions work best for a particular surf spot.

Premium Feature

This feature requires a Premium Membership. Level up to Premium to unlock this and other useful features:

  • Faster, Ad-free Experience
  • 16-Day Surf, Tide & Weather Forecasts
  • Create Long-range Surf Alerts
  • Log Your Sessions
  • Detailed Hourly Surf Reports
  • Unlimited Favorites
  • Enhanced NowCast & Forecast Analysis
  • $1.99/month or $19/year